Raju Das Biography Age, Height, Family, Girlfriend,Photo,Youtube Income, Total Net worth

Raju Das Biography-

Raju Das is an Indian actor who primarily appears in Odia comedy videos. His nick name is Raju. He is an amazing person. He always said that he wants to make people smile. He never wants people are staying busy in their day-to-day life and forgot to smile. So he decided to stand up comedy. He has done many comedy shows on television. He is an Indian by nationality.


He has done many comedy videos on YouTube. These are
Aji ama sanga bahaghara
Sahu variety stores
Bakadi Raju.
A day with my girlfriend
Beauty parlour
Thukra ke mera pyar
Raka the sarpanch
Bajrangi Bhai Jaan
50 jania bahaghara
Damfa news
Bhasani haba dj bajiba
Raka ra love story
Mandu ra bahaghara
Panjuri bhitare odha
Buddha hoga tera baap
Jail pheranta raka
Physical Appearance:
He is handsome and charming. He is very intelligent. He is young and gentle.
Height – 5 ft 1 inch
Weight-80 kg
Eye colour- Black
Face colour- fair
Skin colour- brown
Hair colour- black
Dress size- XL
Shoe size-9

Family: He belongs to a Hindu religion family. In his family, his father, mother , his brothers, and sister were lived. His family members loved him so much and support him in all situations. His father supports him so much. His father is his backbone.


He is completed Mcom. He wants to make people smile every time. He has done many comedy shows in his college time. In his comedy life, his inspiration is papu pam pam. He completed his education and then join in comedy line. He has a shop name is Sahu variety shop. First, he makes YouTube videos on his friend’s YouTube channel. Then he makes his own YouTube channel. He has enormous fan followers in India. He is very active on social media. He has 15 k followers on Instagram. He has 20 k followers on Facebook. He has 133k followers on YouTube. Raju said that comedy is an important part of the Odia film like every other thing. If there is no comedy then there is no entertainment. From childhood, he has a soft corner for acting as a comedian. He is an amazing comedian. He is also very popular on the small screen because of his comedy show. He is also a fitness freak guy and loves to do the gym.He loves to drink coconut water. Now he is single. He likes to gyming, dancing, dubbing, photography, watching movies. He never West his time always spent his time to thought new comedy topics. His favorite colour is black and white. His favorite food is chicken. His favorite place is Baripada. His favorite negative actor is the late Hara pattanaik. His favorite actress is ANU Choudhary, Archita Sahu. His favorite dress is jeans and T-shirts. His favourite actor is sidhartha Mahapatra. He always wants to stand up in the Acting line with also comedy line.From childhood he likes acting as a comedian. He is usually famous for his witty dialogue, changes in facial expression, voice, role, and emotions according to the situation. All the comedy video of Raju goes viral after uploading on youtube. He earns 3lakh to 5 lakhs INR per month from his 2 YouTube channels.

He is a very good actor also a very good comedian. He knows Hindi, English, odia language. He is a very good person with a good heart. He has a well-known personality people want to know about him. He never said any hurt word to anyone. He never sees anyone’s problem at any cost he helps him. He has a big house in Bhubaneswar. He has one bike. Naturally, he is a wonderful actor.