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Pragnya khatua’s full name is pragnya Ranjan khatua. He was born on 10th October at sahajanapur, Cuttack, Odisha. Pragnya khatua is an Odia television and film comedy actor. He has done many comedy shows on television and then made an ollywood entry. Pragnya said that comedy is an important part of Odia cinema like every other thing. If there is no comedy then there is no entertainment. From childhood, pragnya has a soft corner for acting as a comedian. pragnya khatua is an Odia language television and film actor.


He is an amazing comedian. He act in more movies as a comedian these are Tu mo arambha tu mo shesha,mnu peremi mnu pagal,idiot,daha balunga,ACP Sagarika, ishq tu hi tu,nua nua prema ra,prema na au kichi,Agaysta,gota sua gota sari,Hela mate prema Jara ,Tora dina Ku mora dina ,Hai prabhu dekha de,Raju awara,gaddbadd,Rock Star, Gunda,Tu jai sai, Biju Babu,mitha mitha.


In his family, his father and his mother and 6brother and one sister lived. His father and mother loved him so much. She recently married his GF Sunanda that. His engagement was done on 16 January 2020. Due to the pandemic situation of corona his marriage was done in a simple style. His father is his backbone and always inspires Pragya.


From childhood, he likes to be a comedian. He starts his career at the age of 2year old he acts lord Krishna’s role. He completes his primary education. Then he joined in Utkal Sangita maha vidyalaya. He is a student of Act and culture. He acts like a comedian character in Odia films, stage shows.

From childhood, he likes acting as a comedian. For that, he became a theatre artist and played the first role of lord Krishna. He has done many stage shows in his college time. After completing his course he had struggled a lot to be an actor. Then he touched the Hollywood ground by sankershan pradhana comedy show Veja fry.

Then again got offered for the comedy show Tadka mal of debate Mohanty. He got awarded for many of his acts. Pragnya debuted in the Nishikant data Behera direction salam cinema. He is also very popular on the small screen because of his comedy show Bheja fry, comedy on demand, Mr nonsense, etc.

He also runs a successful theatre group called magic theatre. He has now 33years old. He got two state awards, one for the show golmal and the other for the film Ishq Tu hi tu. He is a good person with a good heart. He was seen in the recently released Odia movie Gunda and Hey Prabhu Dekha dai. He will soon be seen in mitha mitha. He has a good personality.