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Funny Angulia Bunty Biography-

Anguilla was born on 3rd July 1995 in kalandar, Odisha. His nickname is Bunty. He is an amazing person. He always said that He want to make people smile. He never wants people are staying busy in their day-to-day life and forgot to smile. So he decided to stand up comedy.


In his family, his father, his mother, and sister, and one brother was lived. He is the youngest of the house. His parents loved him so much also his brother and sister love him more.


He is very good in study. He completed his primary education at P.U.B.kantiapashi.Then he completed his higher education at U.G.M khimar. Then for his higher education, he studied at KMBB college of engineering and technology. In his childhood, he decided to become a mechanical engineer.

Finally, he completed his engineering and got an engineering degree in 2019. He is not only good in study but also a good singer and a popular comedian. In his college life, he try to make people smile so he joined in Mr.Gulua’s comedy.

After these days his success is achieved slowly. When he joined in popular comedian Mr.Gulua’s, he became popular. He is a very good singer. From childhood, he wants to sing but of the pressure of studying, he doesn’t try to appear his quality.

YouTube journey-

He created his personal YouTube channel whose name is Funny Angulia. He wants to make people smile every time. In comedy life, his inspiration is papu pom pom. When he joined Mr.Gulua’s comedy at that time he became slowly popular. In his personal YouTube channel,

he had no problem improving subscribers. He becomes the most popular comedian. Nowadays he has above than 7lakh subscribers. On 30th April 2019, he has completed 1lakha subscriber. Then he achieved silver play bottom on YouTube. His first viral comedy video is Priya Prakash. After he created his channel he also joined Odisha’s famous channel with the help of khordha boy.


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His most popular song is oo mago turu love.He also act on more comedy videos. in real life he is a successful man.He is a good man with a good heart.